Friday, October 20, 2006

Bloody fucking hell

It's been about 3 weeks since i last posted anything... i've become a little bit closed off from the world since my computer's now officially moved back to my place. As the title says 'bloody fucking hell'... The world's best ever game franchise has just launched it's newest edition and i can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it. I've been playing FM06 like crazy the past couple o' weeks thats why i ditched the blog.
It's the best ever game to have ever come out and the only reason i'm writing this blog is because i've got nothing better to do.... gotta go get it, the reviews are in and noones giving it less than 9/10 so kiss my loved ones goodbye, i'll be in my room, hopefully clean.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Proud papa...

Watching a skilled surgeon is about as fascinating as watching a skilled football player. They both, in their own way have a subtle beauty and confidence in how they handle the tools of their trade. It really is a pleasure and an honour to watch.

Sometimes editors don't have that kind respect given to surgons and footballers. My blog 'beyond the door' was finally edited and posted yesterday(i know it was only a few days, but they seemed so f*ckin loong) and it was a pleasure to watch what happened to it.

The blog turned from an alright piece of observation to a more personal, more intimate view of the world in a way i couldn't have articulated. check it out at The irony is that the editing team of COS was much better at speaking my mind than i was.... well what can you do?

I love this life!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Moving day

Today is a sort of moving day. I'm making it official, I'm moving out of my old blog and into the new. It's not really that difficult coz i've even moved all 10 posts here... Horay... Nooot tooo difficult....See my old blog 'Random Heights'. -->
The stupid thing is I'm gonna make a link to that old blog for nostalgia.
Oh R.H you were so faithful. I'll never forget the whole 3 weeks we were sad...

But enough of that shit really i want to talk about something. Imagine all of us here in this mini universe we all call the internet. We are all here to reach out to someone anyone in a way we can't in the parallel real universe. It's just a shame that we don't get to do that. I try to reach out by writing stuff and hoping it'll pique someones interest long enough for him/her/it to give me some food for my thoughts. It's discouraging that we don't put up enough effort for that.

So new months resolution number

1. Try to comment on every single piece of writing in this place that somehow, someway manages to interest me.
2. Nothing yet, but this could be a good place to start. What do you think would make a good new month resolution.
Cheers, all...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Me? A writer?

Wow, dreams do sorta come true. Well in all my 20 something years of wisdom i've found something out. The best time having a dream is when the door to that dream has just opened. It's full of untapped potential and the only obstacle barring our way has just been removed.Blue skies ahead.

But for most of us, dreams are unrealistic. Be wary of the storm brewing beyond the horizon. So here comes opportunity and he's a'knockin on my door.

'Hey Jolly Goon, d'ya wanna be a writer?' he says.

'Not sure actually, Opp.'

'You sure bout that?Isn't that one of your dreams?'

'Well yeah, but it's only a dream. If you try and you don't make it, you'll lose your dream. I don't want my bubble to burst.'

One of the most dumb stuff i've ever written surely. (I've sent a sample of my writing (beyond the door) to and they decided to post it on the site {i'm not sure it's up yet, but i'm really excited. I hope this'll start a whole new thing for me, but i'm not putting my hopes that high})

Turns out it's not so dumb.

My Arsenal door opened the summer of 2004. The previous season was the best season in Arsenals history and the best ever in Premiership history. We were feeling it, we were certain that Arsenal would be all conquering and the first few games showed all the promise in the world.

We had it all so it seemed. Apparantly not. We had an alright season 04/05 winning the Charity shield (woohoo....) and the FA Cup. For most of the other premiership clubs winning those cups would've been a dream come true, but not for the mighty Arsenal, nooooo.... We were supposed to be the kings of the world. A charity shield and an FA Cup weren't good enough we wanted the league, FA cup, champions league Treble. For god sakes we went thru a whole season undefeated!! We were good enough. We just didn't perform.

So after that alright season we should have gone on to better things. We didn't win the league but we could only improve right? The Door Opened. But, no. It wasn't to be. The sale of captain Patrick Vieira did not show a comitment to improve, it just left a (then, and still now for a matter of fact) mediocre player in Gilberto who did not work hard enough for his place, and a comparatively inexperienced but hell of a talented Fabregas in midfield to try and fill in the shoes of the immovable object that is Vieira.

With that kind of hole in midfield controling and containing the opposition was bound to be a lot harder. It stang but the acquisition of Hleb did put a little ointment on(little did we know that Hleb's slow start was gonna take a year, a bit like Ljunberg). So we thought that our Arsenal would have more attacking options, and even though we'd concede more goals we'd just score more. If only it were that easy. Cue the sound of a locking door.

So after winning nothing last year (we got to the champions league final, a good thing for Arsenal but still no cigar, yet) and nearly not getting into this years Champions league it looked darker than ever. But after watching how our guys did in the World Cup it looked as if a candle was lit and some light was able to penetrate that darkness. Cue unlocking sound. Then 3 games, no wins. Cue locking sounds. And then 3 consecutive league wins plus good results in the champions league. Bloody hell, quit playing with the door will you?

Now after one and a half months of the football season I have to admit that this Arsenalsquad is filling me with hope and confidence. Hleb's playing well, so is Van Persie. Rosicky is showing all the promise that the world cup gave, and Gilberto who still can't pass but now he's making an effort there. Also let's not forget that little uberkid Fabregas. It looks like we know who the squad will be built around in the future. With the emergence of Eboue, Djourou, and Adebayor as potential stars it looks like this Arsenal team is capable of doing things that can only do us proud. Well done, Arsene!! We sing your praises.

But even though it looks like a bright future for my beloved Arsenal, it's still discouraging to know that every single season we football fans are subjected to the opening and closing of the door of opportunity. Our disability to not not care about our clubs leaves us especially vulnerable.
Normal people don't have to deal with this crap every single year don't they?
Oh, how I love the Arsenal.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A matter of perception

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Very obvious but still true even though.

I remember reading something in the WoT series by Robert Jordan, it ran along these lines:

'if you are first seen as a king, then even though you are rolling around with the pigs people will sympathize with a king that has lost his greatness. But if you are first seen as a farmer, even though you come to be a king people will look upon you with contempt and see a farmer that has struck lucky.'

Not so obvious. Or maybe just a diffrent way of saying the same thing. Okay this might sound out of left field but here it is anyway. I still don't like Jens Lehmann. There i said it.

I hated him from the first time i saw him in the red and white of Arsenal. It goes to show how important that first impression thing really is. Look at what he's done for Arsenal now. He was the keeper that helped us get to 49 games undefeated in the premiership. He's the guy that led the defense in getting the most clean sheets in a row in the champions league. He blocks shots that are certain to hit the net, case in point: Solksjaer, 17th september 2006.

He's done so much for the club and every Arsenal fan knows it. But why do i still hate him? Easy, i pretty much had no opinion of him for a while but one thing made me start to dislike him. He stopped the game and brought on a physio because he wanted to change his boots!!Fancy that!! Bloody small thing to not like someone about (he was preserving Arsenal's goal) but it still happened.

He held up a game for near to nothing, bloody crybaby!! Jensy want a 'nuther pair o' boots? Go and ask yer mum, son...

It's stupid i know and I'm probably due a really long look in the mirror (i mean i you hate a guy for changing his boots in a nothing game? yeah, but he did it sooo arrogantly)

I need help....

Beyond the door

Watching the match with my girlfriend was a sobering experience. After conceding the first goal i was dejected i was sullen i wouldn't talk. She doesn't like football, and acted all normal like. But me being an Arsenal fan, i am emotionally connected to my team. only after i left did i realize how stupid i looked to her.

But after celebrating Arsenal's first goal (a yell of 'AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!FFFUUCCKKK YYEEEESSS!!!' was certain to annoy her neighbors, and it might sound as if we were having very, very loud sex) and then their second (pretty much the same but shorter due to the stern look i got) i got shot back down to earth. We're 2-1 up but charlton were still playing pretty good.

So it turned out that the end of the second half was not the most perfect time for a conversation. Whenever we're leading by one goal and we're playing good and so's the opposition, my heart just freezes up and i'm incapable of any sort of communication except for pointing grunting and saying 'shut up'. Only after the final whistle is blown that we fans come out of this trance and are able to join the rest of the world. I know my girlfriend loves me and so I just assumed that she'd be alright with me being a bit thick for a quarter of an hour. She'd understand.


You would never believe me if i said that a lot of relationships are strained by this love for our teams. Not only guy-girl relationships but also fan-boss, fan-client, fan-restofworld. As far as I know losing 2-0 at old trafford isn't a good enough reason to have a hangover on the Monday. Ask my boss. Again

You can actually say that our love for club is a serious deterrent of emotional growth. It's fair to say that for us fans, watching football reverts us into pre-adolescent children. Gimme gimme gimme that win. If we don't get it we cry like the child we are, but if we do get it we'll feel good for a week and then when Arsenal plays again we'll get all grumpy all over again.

But nearly all serious fans are like me in this sense, we love our teams (despite never being loved in return, and yes we know all the jokes so shut yer yap) and even if we could change, we probably wouldn't have it any other way. We love our subject of obsession but it isn't and never will be a healthy sort of love, it's more of an infatuation. And the stupid thing of it is when we have lost faith with our love we can't go out there and try to put our moves on another club. Would you?

So i motion that being a serious fan should universally be labelled a handicap and all fans should be given perks such as lisence to a hangover on Monday morning if our team got thumped.

Any takers to second the motion?

The Good Day

I love Sundays... Not only is it the best holiday (52 times a year!!) It's a day of quiet reflection on saturdays scores. That's why i hate sunday fixtures, here in Indonesia a 1 o'clock kick off will start at 1900 zulu. So a late kickoff really sucks in this part of the world.

If you watch football on Sunday night there's absolutely no buffer to the Monday if you get a bad result. A bad result the previous night is never a good excuse for a hangover on Monday morning. Ask my boss.

But a great Sunday is one where you (your team) gets a result you wanted and at least got another good result (a rival crashing and burning oh, so sweetly). And Today is a Good Sunday.

Truth be told i was a bit dissapointed when Rosicky and Baptista weren't named as part if the starting XI, they had an exciting bit in their last games, so i was a bit down hearted, but it turned out all right. Gallas' injury proved not to hinder him and the decision to play Van Persie ahead of Adebayor was enlightened one.

So we got off to a good start but not good enough. We had an okay start but a lapse of concentration left Hasselbaink in the clear, we could've got to him if it were on our right side(with Eboue's pace) but i still reckon it was a good decision by Hasselbaink not to try to blast it in the net but to just jink it across the face of goal to an unmarked Darren Bent who got a free shot at the coconut.

Down 1-0. But not to worry. We always play better when we're down and anyway our quality showed. 30th minute and when the ball was nearly certain to have gone out (from a badly overstrong pass to the front where someone just kicks the ball forwards in the hope of a striker being able to get anywhere near it) Henry charges in and takes the ball just centimeters away from the line. Then he passes the ball thru the legs of a defender to find Hleb whose skill amazed, confused and embarrassed charlton's defence which gave him enough room to lob the ball to Van Persie who just smashes the ball into the bottom hand corner.1-1.

And then after the restart we got the lead from a smashing 18 yard first time volley from Van Persie which is way to difficult to describe. You just had to watch it. Contender for goal of the season that is. After that it looked like we had control of the game. Henry and Van Persie both missed easy goals and we were coasting all the way except for a scary cross which Hasselbaink thankfully failed to convert.

So that was that 2-1 to the Arsenal. Not to toot our own horn but we were great, the score could've been 6-2 even. Add to that liverpool dropping 3 ponts and ch**ki 2, it's a good sunday.

Honk honk!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Who do we trust??

Bossman knows...

The natural state of a football fan is frustrated. We're frustrated if we lost to a smaller team. We're frustrated if we lose to a bigger team. We're just plain can't be satisfied unless we do everything perfectly.

Okay, so this is a bit exagerated but pretty true either way. Arsenal fans are frustrated because our team is playing football too perfectly. It's just a little bit insane innit? 3 weeks ago we couldn't get a win because we played too much with the ball. 30 odd shots on goal and 60% possesion but we still managed to find a way to draw. Bloody hell...

We were doing everything right, but results never came our way. So you can imagine the second guessing that arised from fans. We were questioning the wisdom of playing good, atractive, passing football. Seems weird right?

You can imagine the frustration. But what happened is so totally Arsenalesque (to steal Hornby's expression) When all the pundits all around the world were writing us off for the 'Battle of old trafford' we just went in there and played the socks right on off of Manyoo doing what we do best. Playing too perfectly.

Fabregas went and took the ball from Ronaldo jinked a couple of players took a lucky bounce and played a perfectly played ball into the run of Adebayor who rolled the ball just right under the keeper. After 80 odd minutes of fantastic too perfect play, we thoroughly deserved that perfect goal.

Ironically for the next 2 games we discarded the perfect way of football. After proving our point we abandoned our way and just played football, good 'perfect' football and even some scrappy stuff. Our Sheffield utd match showed it all, we had a great goal from a perfectly weighted cross from Eboue headed perfectly into the goal by Henry.

We also had a great goal scored by Gallas his first of (hopefuly) many goals for his new club. And the cool scrappy own goal off a badly timed clearance from Jagielka.

Just as i was still laughing off the Henry header Henry scored another headed goal into the net of Porto. Beuatiful stuff from Hleb as he scored a shot from the edge of the box.

This just serves to prove that however frustrated we get we have to put our faith in our leaders. Wenger turned not only the fortunes of Arsenal but he changed the way everyone percieves Arsenal football. No more shouts of 'boring, boring Arsenal' (exept from us, of course)

He made the Arsenal we know and love. He made the untouchables and now he's in the middle of making a new untouchable team. We're gonna make it, if not this year then the next.

And I'm proud to say that in order to succeed we don't need filthy russian wankers money. All we need is Wenger a little faith and a little luck.

So fuck off all you Arsenal haters cause whatever and however we do we'll still play good football.
10 years of Wengerism

It's been an eventful 10 years hasn't it? The past decade has to be one of the, if not the one defining stage of Arsenal Football. As in my earlier blog about how Arsene changed the face Arsenal Footall, we can also say that he changed the shape of the Game itself.
You don't have to see the how or the why of his ways, you just look at the effect it had and has on this club, it's players, and the Game.

(the following quotes taken from arseblog, sorry arseblogger)

Lee Dixon - Arsene has undoubtedly been one of the biggest influences on the modern-day Premiership. It was an absolute pleasure to play under him.
Freddie Ljunberg - He is a great coach, that is the best way to describe him.
Cesc Fabregas - I will always say nice and positive things about Arsene Wenger because he has been the most important and influential person in my career.
Thierry Henry - He is unique. Arsene has changed the view people have of the club.

He will not only live on in Arsenal, he will be remembered as one of the greatest managers and coaches that football have ever seen.

Thanks, Arsene

We owe you big time

Grumpy young lad

This sucks a big fat ....

This is supposed to be therapeutic right? an outlet of feelings and emotions. Some say don't let it out, some say go let it out. i mean what are we supposed to do?

If i let all this out is it supposed to help me at all? i mean if you read this all you'll see is the part of me thats a grump. You won't see any sensitivity at all... Not that i'm all that sensitive, ask my girlfriend.

Are we all this grumpy and unsatisfied with life, or is it just me? Why do guys have to have an uninteractive outlet to their emotions? This is gender stereotyping but it's been known to happen right?

The fairer sex is able to let go of their emotions to their girlfriends in a healthy, communicative way, where each girl gets something out of the process. One gets help, guidance, closure, and the other gets to take care of her friend and that's got to feel good somehow.

But guys, we scream, gesticulate wildly, and take out our emotions on our hobbies. Guys who like music listen to music and/or write songs. Guys who like sport tackle espiecially hard. Guys who like cars work on their cars and/or wreck them driving 90 mph on a small meandering country road.

What's wrong with us? Is this a genetic flaw? is there an evolutionary reason why girls can communicate while guys can't? Because girls had to help each other gathering food they became more talkative, but guys since they had to creep silently to get meat didn't get a chance to talk? Girls have gossip, guys have war stories.

If i want to talk about my emotions and cry a little i'll get ridiculed. What's wrong with that? Girls want equality, well i want equality too. I'd like to be able to feel and not be ashamed of it.

It's ridiculous. Guys have a right to feel too...

What, am i crying like a litle girl?

Life in football??

On Reflection

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if life really were a series of football fixtures? Or any manner of sports. It would make life a lot more easier to gauge, and ultimately live. Look at it this way.

At the start of every season every team is on level terms. Zero points.

At the start of every match both teams are on level terms. Nil – Nil.

For every match you win you get 3 points, if you draw you share 2 points with the opposition, if you lose you get nothing and your victor takes your points, plunders your village and rapes your sisters.

And then at the end of the season you find out who was better than who for a moment in time and then you declare the general champion in a league.

And then you start over.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Shit, that would be fucking splendid, boys.

I’d be able to erase all the crappy seasons of my past and I’ll beg, steal, and borrow to get me a team of mercs that’ll knock Chelski into the last fucking dimension.

Reality does Bite

But it isn’t and probably never will be like that. That’s what sucks in life. But if you think about it in a diff’rent perspective you’ll get something else:

Football teams have a set of measurable objectives for all times in the season. And those objectives differ based on the status of the club (money, support, talent, history, etc.). Every Gooner is going to expect the club to win the League cup, the FA cup, the Premiership, the Champions league, and the biggie big we’re the best in the world don’t fuck with us Cup. But so is everyone at Old Trafford, on The Kop, or in the monstrosity we call Stamford Fridge. And Reading also knows that however hard they try the chances of them getting anything this year is near enough the same as a kid in Wacko Jacko’s bedroom that won’t have to go to a shrink 10 - 15 years later in life. It could happen but not likely.

So everybody (club) knows where it stands, and what is expected of them.

Near enough to real life right? Right. You have to have a lot to be successful. The analogy is that the most successful people/clubs are the ones with the money, the time, the talent and the effort to achieve. So, people with money and time have a considerable advantage. Look at Chelsea, they got the money, they got the time, they got two back to back premiership titles. With that money came talent, and that talent got out and put out a great effort to claim the title. (even tho I still hate them wakers, they bought the fookin’ thing, I fookin’ resent that!!)

So, who are the most successful clubs? The ones with the packed trophy rooms, of course! But don’t get me wrong, look at Wigan. Wigan is also a successful club. Saying Wigan isn’t a successful club is like saying the 173rd most richest guy in the world isn’t successful. Even number 500 on the Forbes 500 is still getting good reviews, good money, and a hot meal at the end of the day.

Success isn’t always defined by trophies and all that. Wigan doesn’t have the money, talent or history to compete with the big four but they still play with the big dogs. And not only that but they stand their ground look at those big dogs and say ‘get the fuck outta my yard!’ They got effort, they got work rate, and more than that they’ve got a winners attitude. And that’s something innit?

To Be or Not... the 60p Question?

So in order to find the answer of 'who is the most succesful club?' we need to break down the equation into smaller manageable bites. To look back at Wigan they're not as successful as ch**ki but they lead a fuller more content life. Why? Because they're alright with not winning any major trophies, they just wanna live in the Premiership. If they were a family they'd be a regular Brady Bunch. Successful enough that they don't have to worry too much about their kids education, but not that successful so as their offspring become insufferable coddled idiots unable to think rationally and/or empathize with their fellow man.

The Brady's may have less money than the Hilton's but look at what happened to their respective children.

Thus the first question to be asked shouldn't be ‘how big is your dick?’ but ‘what can you do with your dick?’ Contrary to popular belief (especially to those that….you know what I mean) size does matter. But how much it matters is an altogether different proposition. How can you negate having a small dick? (or money, or talent, or anything else in your life)

Economic gurus will say: EFFICIENCY.

Liam once sang ‘you get what you’ve been given’, and no, you can’t change that. He also sang ‘we only get what we will settle for’. And not settling will bring you efficiency. That tireless work ethic will get you places you’d never get on talent alone. You think Thierry Henry got to where he was riding only on talent? Fuck, no!

This brigs us to people with not so enormous dicks who won’t settle until they’ve satisfied their ladies (or whatever that fills their fancy). Who hits the hardest, pound for pound? If the New York Yankees win 100 games with a $150 million payroll and the Oakland A’s win 98 with a payroll of less than a third of what the Yankees dole out, then who’s the more successful one? No questions asked it’s the Yankees, but pound for pound? I’m not sure about that.

Thus I cannot say that Ch**ki isn't a successful club. But is that the success that I want?

I love Arsenal emotionally because of reasons unknown, but I love Arsenal intellectually because Arsenal promotes healthy competition. They can't afford all the best English talent so they shop elsewhere, this in turn tells English players to not be too greedy.(Who, in all reality can afford the transfer fee and wages demanded by English footballers?(hear that Ferdinand?)) This also promotes English football in a twisted way. English players will be forced to fight for their places, and they will also learn techniques and other stuff from foreigners and that will make them into better footballers, making the England team stronger.

This Arsenal philosophy isn't only beneficial to the Club, but also to English football and to football in general. So even though Arsenal have only had moderate success, we've done it while giving back to the hand that feeds us. Ch**ki on the other hand have been stifling the footballing atmosphere by making trade unfair while playing a sort of football that's so boring sometimes it's a wonder that they can even win things. They're acting like a rich, spoilt, uninteresting, actress/singer wannabe whore, with so little self esteem they peddle their bodies out on their music video. Even Manyoo is playing fair (even though they can spend 27 million pounds on a player they can't do it 3 times a year, year in year out) and credit to them for that.

Football as an analogy to life? Pretty stoopid eh?

But ask me what I want from life and I’ll answer ‘I want to be successful.’

No doubts and no hypocrisy.

But I want to be a cure cancer type of success, not a promote master race sort.

Can i get a 'fuck yeah!!'?

A.S : Here's a bit of trivia for you....This should actually be dated 18th september 2006.

That's all that can be said... actually theres way more to say but that just about sums it up. The performance wasn't as convincing as i'd like but 0-1 at old trafford isn't a mean feat. Even for the mighty Arsenal. It's a great relief that we have finally shaken off those first 3 torrid games, and gotten a result that actually reflects our team.

the first 15 minutes was a great start for arsenal, and even tho we didn't convert the spot kick we didn't let it get to us. but for the next 70 minutes i felt resigned, and hoped only for a 0-0 draw. Even tho we played a great match but the united defense looked like it couldn't be broken down. but finally Fabregas did the business delivering a perfectly played ball into Adebayor's run who then just sneaked the ball under the keeper. Magnifecent stuff from our young gunners.

it's a feeling that can't be described y'know? the delirium, the jubilation, the final whew of a game winning goal in the last 10 minutes of a game. It just can't be described.the resulting tension also can't be described. you're up 0-1 in old trafford. one of the most unfriendliest places in the fuckin planet. and you just can't for the life of you relax, because you're looking at all these world class players doing everything they can to break us.

but after 4 minutes of half time, with our defence passing the ball around with a calmness that neither i nor the millions of other arsenal suppporters felt, the ref finally blew the wistle and Arsenal have finally gotten our first league win, at old trafford no less. In all liklihood the best feeling i've had in weeks.

Proof of the pudding

actually i've written 3 posts for this blog that i haven't uploaded yet, and after reading them again i'm a bit shocked that my moods are reflective of arsenal. We were in a slough so i was too on a personal; level. It constantly suprises me that football fans are so connected to the fortunes of theur club. this i can prove it easily. After that 0-1 victory at old trafford my friend, a liverpool supporter texted 'congratulations' That was it. only that one word. My reply was 'my condolences'(liverpool 0 - 1 ch**ski)

that's all that we needed to say. We football fans have felt the whole spectrum of emotions, despair, euphoria, cheated against, defiance, everything and anything in the name of our clubs.

Real life doesn't give us this. Football does.

How pathetic.

AS:G'day all.... This first post should actually be dated 12th september, so don't believe everything you see on the internet. Cheers.
The Arse

First ever blog. Should be something special right? Wrong!! it isn't.... As the title implies i'm currently on a medium, not a high thankfully not a low...

There weren't any EPL fixtures to take my mind off things, and even if there were, the form the Arse wouldn't do me any good. They look like they're about to score any minute but what happens? An ill thought challenge and the penalty that ensues finishes us off. I mean how much more frustrating can it get?

We have (arguably) the best striker in the whole wide world but he isn't fit enough to do us much good. We have another taller, supposedly more dominating striker with zillions of chances but none that touch the back of the net! (eerily reminiscent of Kanu innit?) A midfield that even if it is thin, it's still quite formidable. An okay defense, but coupled with the best keeper of last year. We should be winning!!!!

But at least we got rid of cashley and that whiny winger. Arsene made a great coup on the last day of transfers, getting Gallas and The Beast so we did good by the cards we were dealt.

But enough of the football. What once was a welcome distraction from the everyday bustle of life had become an infatuation to rival Paris's. Fortunately it abated, but still...i become an idiot at least once a day because of football.
Actually more presicely because of the Arse.

I said enough already!! This music thing is Hard you know?

The Farce

I've always been in a band since i was about 12 years old. Not that hard to imagine, but that was only 9 years ago. I fell in love with music because of my brother. He gave me my first ever Metallica album, it re-load. Not their best most say, but for me it has a special resonance.

Ever since that fateful afternoon i've been clamoring around town looking for old, abused records by old, abused musicians. (the crowning jewel a The Who plays my generation record)

So, after listening to music i came up with the idea of making my own... Couldn't be that hard, coudn't it? (It turns out it isn't hard, it's only hard if you don't want to write crap) I actually have one song that aired on a local radio station here called 'It's you'. I'm pretty proud of that song, it really encapsulated the feelings i had when i first met my current girlfriend. Mostly giddiness

But after that i just fell into a rut. It's not that i haven't made any more songs, it's just that i can't find the will, or energy to record anything. I don't know why, it just happened. (i suspect it's the Arse, but what can i do about that?)
Hopefully, i'll get someone who knows how to do these things make a link so if anyone wants to download my songs they can...I'm pretty computer illiterate.

Oh, boy... i sound a little pathetic don't I?

See you again on another rainy day!!!